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Wrassling: is a 2 player pixelated wrestling game. Get ready to enter the ring, rotate your arms, and battle your opponents!

Let’s wrestle in this hilarious pixel-style fighting game! Your objective in Wrassling is to score enough points by pushing your rival through the boxing ring in order to get him out of it. Unlock funny items which will help you to increase your score and check out the incredible co-op mode or wrestle your best pal.


Wrassling is a 2-player wrestling game by Colin Lande, Folmer Kelly, and IsYourGuy.


  • Controls for 1-player mode: Use Z and X to rotate arms and arrow keys to move and jump.
  • Controls for 2-player mode: Player 1 use WASD and X, C and Player 2 uses arrow keys and O, P.