Dune Buggy

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Dune Buggy:

Description: Race your car through the hazardous filled levels collecting as many points as you can by performing stunts. Collect stars and try to stay upright while racing your dune buggy. It’s fun to flip your Dune Buggy, but not when you trash it on the landing. This game is great for multi-level side-scrolling ramped up the action, with cool power-ups and nice graphics!

Use the up/down arrow keys to move forward and reverse. Use the left/right arrow keys to lean the buggy. Press the space bar to jump.

You’re lucky to have a refuge house on the mountain. But it looks the little bit hard to get there. You should unearth your talent of driving on the slippery road. I’m sure you’ll manage this. You can use the space bar to collect the golden stars that come your way.

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